Read the message Sean Bolin posted on social media after he was identified as a Match and approved as a Donor for a Blood Cancer Patient.


Instagram post by Sean Bolin on September 19, 2017

“Something spectacular is happening.

It all started my second senior year at Oklahoma Christian University when at chapel I heard Earl Young deliver an URGENT message.  Representing Earl Young’s Team and his partner DKMS Delete Blood Cancer, it was a call to save lives, and more specifically their mission was, and is today, one to delete blood cancer. It all begins with a swab of a cheek, which gives them a sample of your tissue to categorize you based off of your white blood cell characteristics, called HLA. From there that information is registered in an extensive database hundreds of thousands strong. Once an individual is in need of a bone marrow donation, they normally have a 25% chance of matching up with their siblings. The other 75% of the time is where the #dkms database comes in. With this database continually growing, so do the chances of putting together perfect matches.

Because of all of that, on April 6th I was matched!

The process has taken many months and a few blood tests to make it where we are now. As of this week, I have completed the necessary physical exam to verify my ability to donate. The only thing left on my part is the donation itself, which will be a 5-hour process of apheresis to give up my peripheral blood stem cells in a few weeks from now.

To those who have actually read this far, I ask you the following: Please pray for my travels, please pray for this process, and above all pray for the individual who will be receiving the donation. I can only imagine what it must be like to go through what they are going through.

If you are able, please register to become a donor as well, and together We Can Delete Blood Cancer.”